Thursday, September 01, 2005

Estate in Italia!!

(posted by Leon)

(That's "Summer in Italy" for the rest of us!).

Yes, the time has come. We're off on Saturday for our long awaited 9 day Italian break. Elizma's been 3 times (she keeps reminding me), but I've yet to have the pleasure.

We're staying in Amalfi in the South of the country. Looking to spend a relaxing time around the area, with not too many touristy things planned (apart from the last 2 days when we'll be in Rome).

A few must-do's there are, of course. Like Pompei and Capri.

And, of course, we'll post some photos after the trip.



At 19/9/05 1:20 am, Blogger BILL said...

well now we just wait for some pictures


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