Friday, July 14, 2006

Next Steps and Holidays...

(posted by Elizma)

We submitted our applications for naturalisation yesterday. Hopefully it's only a formality and we should know in a few weeks or so.

There was one section in the form where you had to list all the trips you took out of the UK in the last five years. It was a really good exercise as it again made me realise how blessed we are. What struck me was how many times we've actually been on holiday. Twenty trips in total in the last 5 years! That's an average of 4 trips a year including Mexico, Egypt, Norway, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Tunisie, Italy (several times).

I was getting a bit frustrated as we've only been away once this year, but this put it in perspective. I'm just constantly aware of the fact that if we don't make use of our opportunities here in terms of travelling, we might as well go back to South Africa - otherwise, what's the point? I know for Leon there are more to living in the UK than travelling, but for me, it's the highlight.

So I'm hinting for a trip as my birthday present. I hope it works...


At 31/7/06 8:45 pm, Blogger Karl Seidel said...

Hi Elizma

I am a good friend of Johan Steyn, he visited the UK the fist time with me, Unfortunately he only stayd for 10 days on his first visit. Now ironicaly he lives there and I am Back in SA.

I do Agree that traveling is the best tonic for every person, and I can encourage every peron to atlest once in your life visit a European country. I would like believe that most "Afrikaner" people in SA are Gypsies at heart, it is in our blood. So please travel as oten as you can, as you are quite correct the UK is the best ub to see the world.

We would love to see some more Photoes of your travels.

I will make sure to put my next rip in March and April 2007 to th UK, Germany and France on my blog. You are welcome to visit my Blog, unfortumnatly no travel Picks as I only recently started Blogging, but lots of bood food and Cooking

Hope to meet you when visiting Johan in UK



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