Friday, September 08, 2006

What a lovely time we had

(posted by Elizma)

We've just returned from a flash visit to South Africa for my Dad's 60th. We were only out there for 10 days - of which we spent 3 days down in the Cape with my sister and her family. We do apologise to all the family and friends we did not manage to see, but I'm sure you can appreciate that we did not have a lot of time.

What we had however was quality. It was great to see most of my family at the celebrations. Our time in the Cape was very relaxing - not least of all because of all the wine excursions David and Annalize took us on including a chocolate and wine tasting ;-)

But possibly the biggest highlight of the trip was something Leon's father arranged. We went riding on African elephants! It was an amazing experience. It was arranged as a surprise and I could not believe my eyes when I realised what the surprise was. They are such magnificent animals and I must admit, I never quite relaxed. You know what they say about wild animals always staying wild...

We'll post our photos later as we're very busy at the moment with our house move that's happening this weekend. We're doing it ourselves so it's not going to be a relaxing weekend. We look forward to be in our new house though...


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