Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Liam at 18 months

(posted by Elizma)


If anybody told me how clever and amusing an 18-month old is, I would have struggled to believe them. Still so young, but Liam is proving me wrong - all the way.

From choosing his own bib (none of the ones I picked was good enough) to knowing which song comes next on his favourite CD, he copies almost everything we say and do.

We went for a check-up the other day and the doctor said that at this age babies should be able to say about 20 words - well he did that at 13 months and is now well over 50 words - if not more. Now I know every mother thinks her child is the brightest and he's probably quite average, but to us he is super special. He has also now started to use English as well and understand everything I say if I speak it too.

He loves being outside and it's quite challenging with the weather we are having at the moment.

Yesterday he had his first art exhibition at nursery. It was brick painting and he made us very proud ;-)

Here are some of my favourite photos of November. For more, click here.

Today - at 18 months exactly

Liam Picasso - the props are for inspiration only


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