Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping with friends

(posted by Elizma)

Last weekend we spent another three days in the New Forest. This time with good friends - and worse weather, but the company more than made up for it. Liam loved every minute and his bum was glued to his motorbike for the whole of the weekend.

We also caught up with another family we haven't seen in years and it was lovely to catch up.

For more photos - click here.

My first umbrella

Early morning 'koffie en 'beskuit'

With friends Daniel, Alika and William

Happy campers

Stickers with Daddy

Parking my motorbike in the bikestand - own initiative!

Helping Daddy get the air out of the tent


At 23/8/10 3:53 pm, Blogger JOYCE TERESA (TESSY) BECHARD said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Liam sure looks like he could get used to this camping.

At 24/8/10 7:47 am, Blogger Lizl said...

Dit lyk so lekker! Julle kids is pragtig ( en julle lyk ook nie te vrot nie ... :-) )

At 18/9/10 2:32 am, Anonymous Owen said...

I particularly like the last photo ... so typical to have them come and lie on you when you're lying down.


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