Tuesday, September 20, 2005

South African sentiment

(posted by Leon)

Everyone who knows me would know that I'm not one to slate South Africa. I love South Africa. I will always do so. However, every now & then you come across something in the press (or new-style internet "press") that just hits home -- whether you like it or not.

And so I stumbled upon this yesterday: GPSA Article of 19 May 2005

By no means do I agree with everything he says, but it's sad to know that his opinion is a strong and growing one.

I sincerely hope most of what he speculates will happen, will in fact not. Only time will tell.


At 21/9/05 8:22 am, Anonymous Annalize Breytenbach said...

Hello from South Africa,

I know that there are many people that agree with him on these issues and since i do not have personal
experience of any of these things, i can not make a statement on them. I will, however, inform you of anything that i come in contact with. There is nothing worse than a bunch of speculation to get people up in arms. There are some truth in what he says, but i still believe in our country and there are many positive things that he does not mention. Every country has it's problems like the bombings in Londen and i believe that it is our job as christians to be positive.


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