Saturday, March 18, 2006

The cat's out of the bag....

(posted by Leon)

NO! We're not pregnant! :-)

But.... I did, in fact, resign yesterday! Which is a big step for me - I've only ever had 2 jobs, of 5 years each. So I'm pretty nervous, but decided to take the plunge & go contracting.

"Contracting", for those who don't know, is kinda similar to freelancing. You get short-term contracts with, in my case, investment banks. I've landed a great one at a bank called Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. It's a 6 month contract, but one that'll hopefully roll on a few times (i.e. hopefully they'll extend me for a few more 6 month contracts).

I'll be doing exactly what I do now, and hopefully be learning a bit too. Contracting pays a lot more than permanent employment, and, correctly structured, one can pay less tax (%) too (legally!). But there are risks and other con's. Like not having paid holiday or paid sickleave, no company pension, etc.

But I believe the pro's outweigh the con's. I'm looking forward to the change and to the new challenges -- which is one of the main reasons I decided to leave Lehmans. I felt that I'm falling into a comfort zone again, so just had to force myself into action.

I got on with the people who interviewed me like a house on fire, so I'm keen to get stuck in there.

My last day at Lehman Brothers will be the 13th of April. Oh, and I'm going to miss the great friends I made at Lehmans a lot!

So, nerves aside, I'm pretty excited! Will post some more about the new job when the time arrives.


At 19/3/06 10:57 am, Blogger Jonathan said...

You better keep in touch with us Lehman colleagues... or where am I going to borrow DIY tools from otherwise?

PS. You still have my DVDs! ;o)

At 20/3/06 4:15 am, Blogger Heinrich said...

Welcome to the contracting world! I'm glad to see you're not happy with being complacent but are seeking new adventures. By the way, I didn't know you had DIY tools, that's like a hammer and stuff hey? ;-)

At 21/3/06 5:05 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Good luck with all that extra money you'll be earning. If you need help spending it, I might be able to help (if you ask nicely).


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