Sunday, September 24, 2006

Christian turns 1

(posted by Elizma)

On Saturday we hosted Jenine and Andre's son's first birthday party. After our news on Friday, I was really worried that it would rain as we would not have had enough space to host everyone inside - since we can't access the dining room. But the invites went out quite some time ago and we did not want to change anything at that late stage.

Thankfully our prayers were answered with a beautifully sunny day and we could spend the whole afternoon outside. Jenine asked me to bake a lion cake, which I did, but not without my share of stress. I've never had to bake a children's birthday cake - nevermind a cake that had to look like something else. It didn't come out too bad and what it lacked in appearance - it made up for in taste. So I was told both by the guests and the fact that there were only crumbs left.


At 25/9/06 8:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EK dink die koek lyk pragtig! Lyk nie vir my net ok soos jy my gese het nie!
Lief v jou!

PS ek het mos gese jy sal 'n goeie koekbakster en ma maak!


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