Sunday, December 31, 2006

Surprise! Surprise!

(posted by Elizma)

I wasn't allowed to open my present from Leon until 03:00 (yes, AM) on the morning of the 27th. I could not figure out why and wasn't very keen to get up at 03:00 to open a present I could so positively feel was a book. Well, Leon wouldn't let me not get up and made sure I was awake before handing me the present to open.

If I wasn't awake before or whilst opening it - I sure was afterwards when I realised what it was. My Christmas present was a 4-day city break to Prague which departed at 07:30 that morning! No wonder I had to open it at 03:00 as we had to set off to the airport soon after.

I was extremely excited as that is one of the places very high up on my list of places to see - I even spoke about it to someone who visited us on Boxing Day!

And what a magical present it was! It still feels like I'm dreaming. Last night when we went to bed after returning from the airport, it felt like I had just openend my present and went to sleep again. Somewhere I've lost 4 days and gained a multitude of photos of Prague.

Have a look at our photos here or view the slideshow of them here...

Alternatively, here is a short video of the photos, which is Leon's first attempt at embedding a YouTube video into our blog (note: it doesn't have sound, so your PC isn't broken!)


At 1/1/07 8:33 pm, Blogger BILL said...

Outoppie says WOW, luv ja lots


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