Saturday, November 04, 2006

House News

(posted by Elizma)

House News

It's all moving at a slow, but steady pace. Good news is that the living room's carpet has gone down so we can now start to sort it out. It feels great and is a big milestone for us. One down - three more to go. I'll attach a few photos, but it is quite an akward space to photograph and we prefer to show eveyone in person - so get over here!

We're waiting for quotes from the decorators for the dining room and will hopefully have that done in the next 4 weeks. Yes, these things take time. We have to go on a waiting list as skilled tradesmen are hard to come by. Dad Bill - please come over. You're magic with these things.

We're also waiting for a quote for our woodburning stove and should have it in by Christmas. We're really looking forward to a cosy Christmas with our friends although we wish our families could come as well.

The last photo is of John. He is such a nice guy and was great in sorting out our floor problems.


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