Thursday, October 19, 2006


(posted by Elizma)

Tonight it was with great sadness that we said goodbye to our previous house. Even though we moved out almost two months ago, it wasn't a reality that we would never walk into it again as we frequently went over to collect our post while the sale was being processed.

Tonight we went over for the last time as the new owners will move in this weekend. Why is it then that we are grieving for an empty house? Maybe because it was the first house we called our own.

But when I glanced around the living room, I did not see the empty floors and walls. I saw the great times we shared with each other as well as the times we shared with friends and family.

And suddenly I felt entitled to grieve - it wasn't our house, it was our home...


At 1/1/07 8:58 pm, Blogger BILL said...

4 Raglan road will always be with me, linked to KBB,,,, we will also sit at this crossroad in a few days time............

Home is where the heart is, memories espeacially the good ones never fade........

I had wonderfull times ( 2 in fact ) at Raglan road, and was proud of being part of the Bathroom upgrade, and the water leak in the lounge, Whoops I told you so... "Becarefull Dad"

Lov ja lots......... OUTOPPIE


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