Sunday, February 25, 2007

Come rain, come snow...

(posted by Elizma)

When we're in the mood for a braai (barbeque), there's not much that can stop us. We spent a nice afternoon with our friends Andre and Jenine and their very cute son Kristian. Leon and Andre said they had a lot of fun. Not our idea of fun however so Jenine and I waited for them inside by the fireplace.


At 4/3/07 8:43 pm, Blogger BILL said...

Liza Mannellie sand a song " CABERET", with words like " put down the knitting, the book and the Broom, come to the caberet" lets change this, BILLY is on his way to the UK,,,,,, Put down the Brollies, the snow and the rain, come to the Billy BRAAI...... Braai vleis-Rugby-Sunnyskies and LEOLIZMA.

Posted by OUTOPPIE ( Pa BILLY )


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