Friday, November 23, 2007

Hello world!

(posted by Leon)

Hi world. My name is ... uhh... well.... I don't seem to have one yet. But I've recently been hearing muffled talking coming from outside this cosy, warm swimming pool I live in. It sounded something like 'Baby Cowle', so you can call me that for now. I'm not sure if I'm a boy or a girl yet (it's dark in here so I can't have a know... down there), but I think I heard the voices say something about the clever doctors being able to tell in 8 weeks or so.

I'm having so much fun in here. I get to sleep a lot and then yesterday, I suddenly had this weird feeling, like I was being watched. I also heard excited voices (I keep hearing the same 2 voices, so I'm going to assume they're my mummy & daddy). So I decided to put on a bit of a show. I kicked my legs, waved my arms, arched my back and then for the grand finale I did a complete somersault. From the excited words I heard I think I was impressing my audience very much.

Anyway, just thought I'd say a quick Hi to everyone. I'm going to catch some sleep now, as all this growing is very tiring.

Oh, here is a little pic of me, my very first photo.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

Baby Cowle.


At 23/11/07 2:01 pm, Blogger Mark said...

Congratulations Baby Cowle on a great choice in parents. Great first photo!

At 23/11/07 9:04 pm, Blogger IBC1 said...

Welcome Little One. We look forward to meeting you.

At 23/11/07 10:42 pm, Blogger BILL said...


At 24/11/07 1:58 pm, Anonymous Owen said...

That's exciting news! Looking forward to seeing what you guys are cooking. :-)


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