Monday, July 07, 2008

Sitting on Oupa's hand

(posted by Elizma)

Ever since I can remember, my Dad has this thing where he balances a baby on his hand. They usually LOVE it. Although Liam's only 5 weeks old, he's already had his first taste of it and I'm sure there will be many more times where he sits on Oupa's hand.


At 10/7/08 3:53 pm, Blogger Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Oupa enjoy little Liam as much as you can as before you know it he will be "Big" Liam, and instead of sitting on and within your hand he will have you by the hand leading you into all sorts of mischief
with love to all of you
Tessy, Aunty Tessy and Great Aunty Tessy


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