Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

(posted by Elizma)

Sunday was Father's Day in the UK as in South Africa. It was REALLY nice to have both our fathers here for once. And of course it was Leon's first fathers day as well. He just made it...

We had a lovely braai and strawberry meringue on Leon's request.

It's also wonderful to have my parents over. They're visiting for the next 6 weeks. That means Liam will be 2 months old before I'll be on my own with him for the first time!

Meeting Oupa Danie and Ouma Zet at Heathrow Airport.

Father's Day with the cute outfit Oom Louis, Tannie Liani and Alika bought me.

The very proud Fathers - Liam has one name from each of his Oupas.


At 23/6/08 7:35 pm, Anonymous Owen said...

Sweet boy. No, not you, Leon! ... I'm talking about Liam. :-)


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