Thursday, May 15, 2008

We have our house back!

(posted by Elizma)

Today has been a great day. After more than three months of building works and living in only 3 of our rooms (the rest being used for storage), the cleaners came in for the deep clean. And it's great!

I can suddenly see the house we love again. For some time it wasn't very 'likable'. But it's back. And I'm falling for it all over again...

We've moved up into the loft - it's huge and I'm in the process of buying a sofa to help fill it. But it was worth all the effort. (There are still tiny bits and pieces to be done, but nothing urgent and we deserve a rest. We'll post some photos at a later stage. And a HUGE thanks to Dad Bill for all his help over the last few weeks - we couldn't have done it without him!)

Another reason today was great, was that it was the first day since going on maternity leave 3 and a half weeks ago that there was nothing I HAD to do with regards to tradesmen or the building work or anything else. (In the afternoon at least - in the morning I had to drive to the dump with a car load of rubbish! Not bad for someone who has only just over a week of pregnancy to go - even if I have to say so myself!) I could actually relax on the living room sofa and read my magazine. Now I only hope this little darling is really cosy where he/she is so that I have at least one week of doing more of the same before it's all change again. If he/she comes on time or late, Leon and I will at least have next weekend's bank holiday to enjoy some time together.

But now, I'm off for a nap...


At 16/5/08 10:08 am, Blogger BILL said...

Sjoe! Jakkals prys.... :-) Toemaar, ek stem saam, mooi Meisiekind

At 16/5/08 10:22 am, Blogger BILL said...

Team work is the secret. Elizma as master foreman and project leader, ( also got hands very dirty) then there was the two very dedicated handyman team of Leon & Bill, with team work miricals can be accomplished. Then foloowing up this effort was ria with the fabrics. this was a great experence and a pleasure to be involved in this project. \standing back and see the finished job and the pleasure and delight on L & E's faces makes it all worth while.



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