Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gene Kelly might have sung in the rain, but we're not!

(posted by Leon)

Another day, another storm, and some more water.

We got home from a night out with friends last night, to find our upstairs landing awash with water, with rivers running down our stairs. So, at the very sociable hour of 11pm, we were putting out buckets/pots/pans and draping towels over the stairs.

Then today the heavens opened once more. Fortunately our new stairs (to the loft) are now usable, and at 6.30am today I chased Elizma out of bed, and we trekked up to the (in-progress) loft only to be met by a Niagara Falls (or so it seems) of leaks.

THIRTY EIGHT buckets/pots/pans/bins/etc later, and we had some sort of control over the onslaught. Luckily the builders agreed to come out and redo the plastic tarp covering the loft. However, they had hardly left that the high winds dislogded it and I had to call them back. Their 2nd attempt is still holding... for now.

Here are some pics to mark the joyous occasion:


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