Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Loft Diary - Part 1

(posted by Elizma)

The time has finally come. They will be starting our loft conversion very shortly. Actually, quite a bit sooner than we expected.

We were only expecting them to start at the end of the month, so great was our surprise when we arrived home on Thursday to a scaffold-clad house. We first thought it was our neighbours' house as the loft company didn't warn us they were coming.

We're not complaining however, as this means they will start this week.

For those of you who don't know, we are converting the loft into a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

So watch this space to see our house transformed over the next couple of months...


At 11/2/08 11:36 am, Blogger Johan Steyn said...

Guys, good luck, I am sure it will look great when finished. For now we accept that your house will look like the International Space station, but as long as you provide O2 and food we will remain your friends…

At 14/2/08 9:04 am, Blogger Colin & Lizl said...

Exciting stuff! Let us know when it's finished and we'll come for a visit!

At 23/2/08 1:16 pm, Anonymous Tanya said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with our old home! Looks AMAZING!!! x Tanya


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