Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A lady of leisure - AGAIN!

(posted by Elizma)

The first time was in August 2005 as can be seen here and here.

But this time it is for a totally different reason. One we've been waiting quite a while for. There's only 5 weeks left before the expected arrival of our little one!

I must say, it was time to stop working. By 16:00 in the afternoon, I was desperate for a nap! I only finished on Friday and up until now it's been go-go-go. I don't think it has sunk in that I'm not going back to work for a while - and that our lives will change forever.

But we are counting the days with excited anticipation...


At 22/4/08 6:46 pm, Blogger BILL said...

Which dictionary do you use, my OXFORD version has a different version for a mom to be - "LEISURE" for how long. Peanut - allias PA-Billy

At 23/4/08 3:30 pm, Blogger BILL said...

Geniet dit terwyl jy kan, dit gaan binnekort verander!!


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