Friday, April 04, 2008

An unexpected & not-so-much fun 2 days...

(posted by Leon)

So, on Wednesday morning at around 10am I started to feel a slight discomfort around my coccyx (tailbone). Nothing much, just like it had been bruised a bit (which it hadn't).

It kept getting worse, and Wednesday night turned out to be a pretty horrible night of rather excrutiating pain. I even woke Elizma up at 6am to chat about possibly going to A&E (Accidents&Emergencies at the hospital). We decided to wait until 8am when the doctor's office opened.

The doc couldn't fit us in, but a friendly lady also waiting at the doc told us about our local NHS walk-in centre (NHS = National Health Service -- a great, at times, British institution). Where we duly went. They saw me within 5 minutes, and sent me straight off to... A&E. They, in turn, sent me off to the Surgical Assessment Unit, and before you could say "whatwhenhow?", I was lying in bed in one of those awkward look-at-my-ass backward gowns, awaiting surgery! Apparently, I had one of these bad boys.

I was operated, under general anaesthetic no less, last night at around 6pm, and spent the night in the hospital, uncomfortably sleeping/turning from side to side.

So, now I have to go to the doctor's every day to have the dressing changed and sitting isn't all that much fun anymore.

Hey-ho, I am grateful that it wasn't something too serious, though!


At 6/4/08 4:26 am, Anonymous Owen said...

Yeah, that doesn't sound at all pleasant. Hope you recover quickly.

At 19/4/08 8:08 am, Blogger BILL said...

Ja Swaar,,,, "Tailbone" sounds like your family tree goes back to when you used to swing in it...
get well soon - OUTOPPIE


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