Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not what I expected...

(posted by Elizma)

Today I'm 8 months pregnant. Yes, there is only 1 month or 30 days left before our baby arrives.

Now the last thing I expected to do on this day was to have to decorate. But desperate times calls for desperate measures...

Leon and I spent the whole day painting our 1st floor landing and entrance hall. This is all still legacy stuff from the loft conversion - and it needs to be done before the baby arrives.

We also still need to:
- Decorate the stairs and 2nd floor landing up to the loft
- Finish the built-in cupboards including painting them
- Have the carpets laid
- Have the bathroom ceiling plastered and decorated
- Wash all the carpets
- Have a deep clean done (by someone else - this is where I draw the line!)
- Move upstairs
- Finish the nursery (including putting together the cot and changing station)
- (And may I [Leon] add: And finally, HAVE A BABY!)

I've made my peace that it might not all be done before his/her arrival. Because I also want to spend at least one weekend doing nothing with Leon - maybe just going for breakfast and/or a walk at Wisley Gardens. (We're praying that he/she is really comfortable where he/she is and not planning to arrive earlier than expected.)

Let's hope it all goes to plan. With these things you just never know...


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