Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunny, oh sunny South Africa

(posted by Elizma)

Liam and I have just returned from a fantastic 3-week holiday in South Africa. We spent all the time with my parents as well as a week in the bushveld. Leon surprised us by coming out for a week as well - a far way to travel for 7 days, but it was wonderful to have him there.

We were absolutely spoilt rotten. Both Liam and I (and Leon once he arrived).

Some of the highlights were: Ouma (Grandma) Cilie's 80th birthday where we got to see people we haven't seen in years, spending time with all the family, a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, Liam's first hair cut, eating, eating and more eating and a great week in the bushveld.

Thank you very much to everyone who has made this another memorable time. We miss you and love you immensely.

(Apologies for those of you we haven't managed to see - hopefully next time!)

More photos here - but be warned - there are loads ;-)


At 25/11/08 9:14 am, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

Ai die heerlike sonskyn!! Die fotos is pragtig met 'n paar uitstaandes van hom. Het dit oor-en-oor gekyk.

At 25/11/08 3:51 pm, Blogger Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

"Out of Afria" fantastic.


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