Friday, December 05, 2008

The men in my life... How lucky am I?!

(posted by Elizma)


At 5/12/08 4:09 pm, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

Where is the pictures of the two OUPA's, but those two are two of the greatest guys I know anyhow.
Oupa Billy

At 5/12/08 4:45 pm, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

Yip, twee om op BAIE trots te wees. Ek is!!!OuMM

At 6/12/08 6:05 am, Blogger Teresa/Tessy Bechard said...

Wonderful photos, Liam shure has his dads looks. If you look at photos of lion when he was small.
Life from now on (Liam has passed the Baby stage) is a wonderful and exciting journey for all of you.


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