Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Kitchen Diaries - Part 1

(posted by Elizma)

As with the loft conversion, we thought we'd keep you up to date with our latest venture - the kitchen/dining/living extention.

Yes, we've heard from many people we're crazy. And I definitely think that too sometimes. Since we moved in almost 3 years ago, one of the rooms in the house has always been a store room. I look forward to the day when everything's done and we can just enjoy it. This WILL be the last thing we do - apart from a few bits of decorating.

Ideally I would have liked to move out while they do the worst of the dirty, dusty work. But where would we find a short term lease - that's within our budget? So, we'll just brace ourselves and live without a kitchen for a while.

Luckily the builders left us a bit of the kitchen which we will be able to use for the next few weeks. After that, well who knows? Probably microwave meals - which will be heated in the microwave that will reside in the spare bedroom! As for the fridge, it has already found a new home in the hallway.

So far we've had 3 big milestones:
1. The foundations have been dug and laid.
2. They have started to demolish the existing extention.
3. The first few rows of brickwork has gone down.

Uncomfortable as it may be, we will keep focussing on the end result and dream of the lovely family and friend times we will be spending there...


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