Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kitchen Diaries - Part 3

(posted by Elizma)

I know it's been a long time since we've posted some news and photos of our current extension works, but too be honest I was covered so deep in dust, that I barely breathed - never mind blogged!

And I was experiencing that true build syndrome after the initial euphoria of work starting fades and you are left with the despair of dust, inconvenience, frustration (not because of our builders - they're brilliant - but because of the process) and everything else. That time when you can't imagine why you've been so stupid to have such big building work done whilst living at home and how on earth you thought you would cope without a kitchen for 7 or 8 weeks.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Most of the messy work is done and some of the decorating bits and pieces have been arriving, bringing with it a good old dose of excitement.

The floor is being screeded tomorrow and the plasterers will start on Monday.

Oh, and we bought our kitchen yesterday!

Here are some photos of how it currently looks. Over the next few weeks we will transform the rooms into our new family space. It WILL be worth it...

The dining room - viewed from the living area

The dining room and a bit of the kitchen - viewed from the living area

More of the dining room - viewed from the living area

The living area - viewed from the dining space

The kitchen and living area - viewed from the dining space

The kitchen - viewed from the dining space


At 24/7/09 9:30 am, Blogger Annalize said...

Ek bewonder jou, want jy sien kans vir soveel meer as ek! En dit nogal met 'n 1 jarige! Dink net hoe lekker julle gaan kuier daar wanneer dit klaar is! Sterkte!

At 25/7/09 10:04 am, Blogger Danie en Lizette said...

Dit lyk fantasties. Ek weet julle gaan die spasie baie geniet as dit eers klaar is so hou maar uit, die einde is in sig. Die meeste van die gemors is nou verby en dan kom die lekker deel.


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