Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Our new kitchen !

(posted by LeonOnTheGo)

It has arrived. All 225 boxes of it. Whose bright idea was this?! A flat pack assembly nightmare awaits. Oh the joy! :-)


At 5/8/09 9:40 pm, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

wow, if I look at that load of boxes, my recomendation to you two is get hold of a builder and get quotes to build on and do an extension of your house, mainly on the kitchen and family room

At 6/8/09 4:22 pm, Blogger Johan Steyn said...

Good luck guys! :) I know it will look great when all is done.


At 6/8/09 7:47 pm, Blogger Danita said...

Good luck!! Bly dit is nie ek wat September maand kom kuier nie, lyk vir my na teveel werk!! Maar dit gaan stunning lyk!

At 6/8/09 10:06 pm, Blogger Tania said...

Andy says he doesn't do kitchens, especially not 225 boxes!


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