Friday, October 07, 2005

Service Woes

(posted by Elizma)

One thing about service in this country: It's either excellent or atrocious. My worst experiences so far has been with collecting and delivery of packages. I'm having a nightmare at the moment. I booked a collection for this past Monday. As they can't tell you what time they'll arrive, you need to stay at home between 09:00 and 17:30. Guess what, they never pitched. They arrived on Tuesday - when I wasn't here. Then I arranged for Wednesday. They never pitched, but arrived on Thursday, when I wasn't in. I then re-arranged for today. And yes, no-one's been. 3 days of sitting at home 9-5 with no results. I'm so tired of automated telephone and customer service advisor apologies. They don't mean much as no-one seems to care. My overnight-delivery order has now changed in a week later delivery date. But don't you think I will get a refund for paying premium for the premium service - as payment was already taken on Monday for a service not yet received. Isn't there some law against that? It did have some positive effects though. The house is spotless and I've managed to contact quite a few agencies and send out plenty of CVs. I've also not been able to go shopping and spend too much money. But I've had enough!


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