Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seven months old

(posted by Elizma)

Today is the first day of the New Year and Liam is 7 months old.

He's growing up at the speed of light and reached a few big milestones this past month:

He has moved from sitting supported to sitting on his own in just a few days. Leon and I are still amazed at the speed he did that, seeing that no-one teaches babies how to do it. They just figure it out themselves. This has also coincided with him starting to sit in a high chair in restaurants. He loves being able to see over the edge of the table and I always give him some snacks so that he can 'eat' with Mommy and Daddy.

For Christmas he got his first 2 teeth at the same time. The first sharp edge appeared overnight during his usual restful sleep.

He has also started to master the art of waving goodbye. He practices it mostly at mealtimes - staring at his hands in total wonderment that he can control the funny thing at the end of his arm. Actually doing it at the right time is a bit hit and miss, but he's definitely getting there.

Yesterday he was really on the move for the first time - be it shuffling backwards. He eagerly reaches for things that I put just out of his reach. I do sometimes ask myself: Why am I encouraging him to get going? Don't I realise what that means for getting things done?!

Other highlights this past month includes:

His first birthday party - which he could wear at hat to

Really starting to enjoy his jolly jumper - he's like a little rocket!
His first Christmas

His first cold (he still has it - one of the perils of the cold winter coinciding with teething)
Eating his first piece of finger food in the form of wholewheat toast

Playing in the ball pool at the soft play area

His first shower with Daddy

All in all a very exciting month - don't you think? To see some pictures of him taken in December, click here.


At 1/1/09 1:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ouma wil jou net OP SOEN EN DRUK!!
Jy word te vinnig groot, Liefie
Oupa en Ouma se eie Prins William


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