Monday, January 05, 2009

Nap time

(posted by Elizma)

Since we've been in South Africa we've been putting Liam to bed with a bottle. At first it worked wonders as he would be asleep by the time the bottle is finished. But in the last month or so, he has been too active during this time and we have had to go into the room at least 5 times to put his bottle back in his mouth and correct the support which consists of 2 cloth nappies.

Very rarely, we don't realist the bottle is out again and he has fallen asleep by himself. This is what I found when I put him down for his morning nap earlier and went in to check on him later...


At 5/1/09 12:09 pm, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

Dit wys jou nou net! Maar hy lyk hier vir Ouma skoon vreemd. Het eers gedink dis 'n ander baba!!?? oMM


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