Monday, January 11, 2010

Cecile's Holiday

(posted by Elizma)

As you all know, my sister Cecile spent the last 3 weeks with us. It's really sad that she is leaving us on Thursday and no-one will be sadder to see her go than Liam. She's the chosen one now - especially when it comes to reading the bed time story.

Here are some highlights of her visit...

First day in the UK
Shopping on Christmas Eve in Guildford and Peppermint Hot Chocolate on the train on the way back.

Dinner at Jamie's Italian in Guildford
On Saturday evening we wanted to go to the movies but the timings weren't working out. As an alternative we decided to try out Jamie Oliver's new restaurant in Guildford. Amazing! The food was absolutely delicious and we couldn't get enough - in true style Leon ordered TWO starters and TWO desserts! It was the coldest night of her stay here and we were dressed like eskimos.

To Guildford on the toot-toot
Today we took Liam to Guildford by train. I know we've done this a few times before, but he loves it every time. As as he gets older, he even starts to look forward to it - and can be convinced to stay in his buggy for a long time in anticipation of the train ride. Without THAT as a carrot - it's an almost impossible task. I love this picture of them together...


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