Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bonjour Paris!

(posted by Elizma)

We just had a lovely weekend in Paris with our friends, Colin and Lizl. It was very cold - cold enough for us to have to buy Leon a warmer jacket. Leon's also made it to the top of the Eiffel this time round. (He has a fear of heights although he has skydived and isn't afraid of rollercoasters!) As it was Leon's 3rd and my 4th time there, we weren't running around the sights - which was great. We just strolled and drank loads of hot chocolate. We also spent a morning in the beautiful gardens of the Palace of Versaille. All in all a very relaxing weekend in very good company.


At 16/12/05 7:02 pm, Blogger Mark said...

I was about to launch into a "where's the pictures?" tirade, but thought better of it. Wouldn't want you to do the same :) Leon, I guess this means you are now fully recovered from the recent bout with pneumonia. Excellent! You should come to Chicago some weekend when you have some time ;)


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