Monday, September 01, 2008

It's a loooooong way to Kinloch Rannoch

(posted by Elizma)

Leon, Liam and I went to Kinloch Rannoch in the Highlands of Scotland for a friend's wedding this weekend. We left home on Thursday afternoon, stayed over in a friend's cottage in Yorkshire and continued our journey on Friday. We only arrived at the hotel on Friday evening and were on our way back south again on Sunday morning - arriving back home this afternoon. A VERY long way to go for one day - believe me! In hindsight we should have flown to Edinburgh and hired a car...

However, the wedding was in a beautiful setting - reminding us that we should spend more time in Scotland. We stayed at the Dunalastair Hotel.

As there wasn't much time for sightseeing, we didn't even take one photograph, so for a look around the area, click on the links included earlier.

Tonight Liam was so tired after the journey, he fell asleep on Leon's lap even before he finished his feed. Poor thing! But he was an absolute angel as ever.


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