Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liam's 8 months old today!

(posted by Elizma)

I can't believe it's time to post another update on his milestones! He is still just a pleasure...

Quite early in January he started pushing himself up on his legs. It started suddenly at bathtime. As soon as Leon grabbed hold of his hands in the bath, he would push himself into a standing position - suprising us both the first few times he did it. Now it comes very naturally to him and looks so easy. He's not managed to pull himself up against the sofa, although he's trying. This also means that he's not that eager to sit down anymore and much prefers standing up - which he makes clear whenever you try to put him down.

He has also now really into playing games with us. And if he sees that we find something he does funny, he'll continue doing it to see our reactions. This spells the end of us smiling or laughing if he does something 'naughty' as we don't want to encourage him in any way!

He enjoys games such as Peekaboo (especially if he's on the bed and I'm hiding on the floor) and 'Mallekoppie' - a game from my side of the family which involves some vicious head shaking.

Signs of crawling are getting stronger by the day. He gets himself up on his knees, but does not yet get how to go forward. He does make 360 degree turns at an impressive pace and seem to get around by pushing himself backwards with his arms - covering quite a bit of ground in a short space of time.

He seems to totally understand the meaning of NO, but he either listens or he doesn't ;-) He had his first 'pat' on the hand yesterday after throwing a mini-tantrum at his dad for trying to undress him for bathtime. He also practises saying no to me at mealtimes, shaking his head for no more food even if he hasn't had any yet. I guess it's time he started to assert himself, but a few of the behaviours will have to be nipped in the butt quite early!

For some more pictures taken of him in January, click here. It was a very social month...


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