Monday, August 17, 2009

Babbling away

(posted by Elizma)

(Before I start, I've posted this on Facebook before, but Leon's insisted I add it here as well as some people aren't following us on Facebook. Apologies if you've seen this before, but we ARE proud parents after all ;-))

Liam's now really starting to exercise his vocal cords and says quite a few words. This includes:
Mamma (mommy)
Pappa (daddy)
Doe-doe (sleep) - which he says and then marches himself over to his bed, waiting for me to come and put him in!
Bal (ball)
Tatta (bye)
Kar (car)
Baba (baby)
Bus (bus)
Uh-uh (no)
Hallo (hello)
Klaar (finished)
Daar (there)
Kat (cat)
Ta (give/please)
Bib (bib)

He also practise saying other words after us, but have not used them on his own such as Ouma (grandma) and skoen (shoe).

Animal noises are increasing as well with the most common being:
Dog (woo-woo)
Cow (woooooo)
Lion (how)
Fish (pouts and smacks his lips together)
Rhino (snorts through his nose)
Owl (woo-hoo)

He is just so cute at the moment.


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