Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quiet for a while...

(posted by Elizma)

I realised this morning we've been quiet for a while. And it's not even because we are busy. But a few things have happened since we have last blogged. Leon has started his new job and is settling in fine.

I went on a business trip to Finland last week. I spend two days in Helsinki, but the nature of the meetings meant that I did not have a lot of time to see stuff. We did have a lovely meal in the Fish Market - a very good restaurant. Bumflea - I'm really sorry I could not see you! I didn't know if there would be any time and there wasn't. I'll be coming to Helsinki again in the next few months so hopefully we can meet up then. Please send me your contact details just in case...

We are also looking forward to some visitors: Leon's parents, our friends from Australia (Pete and Lisa) and an ex-colleague of Leon's from his Liberty days. All happening in May. Very exciting!

Lastly, Leon went to the South African Embassy in London today to apply for the right to acquire dual citizenship. That's step 2 of a 5-step process to those purple passports. Hopefully we'll have the letter in the next couple of weeks.


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