Sunday, March 01, 2009

Liam at 9 months

(posted by Elizma)

As always, Prince William is wowing us with his cuteness - which seems to intensify by the day. He enjoys playing games with us and imitating things we do. Here he is today, at 9 months.

And here's an example of the less desireable things he imitates. Although it's quite funny at the moment, it will surely come back to haunt us at some point ;-)

A very exiting time has arrived for him as he started crawling on Friday. I watched him tentatively make his way across the room. Then the fun began trying to get him to crawl while the camera was rolling. Leon was away at work and I wanted to capture the first attempts. This meant putting him on one end of the room and telling him to wait - I was VERY surprised at his obedience. I would then rush off to build a tower with his stacking cups. Grab the camera, point it and tell him to go. (Yes, at times it did feel like I was treating him like a dog rather that our beautiful little boy, but it worked.)

He has also now started to pull himself up against things. However, he's not grasped what to do yet when you're up. He gets very excited and then just lets go. Needless to say, he's had a few falls as there are times I can't keep an eye on him - like when I'm in the shower! He also had a haircut Friday in anticipation of our holiday to South Africa tomorrow (!) and only then did I notice a bruise on his forehead. I'm sure there will be many more...

Here he is with about 4 months' worth of nappies. Yes, only four months. "Bring it on!" he says.

For more pictures of him from February, click here.


At 1/3/09 8:42 pm, Blogger BILL and RIA said...

and just to let you all know - Thats my grandson or lets put it this way - THATS MY GRANDSON - Oupa billy

At 1/3/09 10:08 pm, Blogger Tania said...

Love the Burp Video!!!!

At 3/3/09 2:31 pm, Blogger JOYCE TERESA (TESSY) BECHARD said...

Boykie LIAM soon u will run like a lion. well done on your crawling


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