Wednesday, April 29, 2009

South Africa

(posted by Elizma)

I had all the intention to give a detailed account of what happened on our holiday in South Africa when I blogged about it on our return, but as it feels such a long time ago here are the highlights:

We visited my aunt Erika in Harrismith for a couple of days and we spent 2 fabulous weeks in Margate with my parents. Liam and I also spent 4 days with my sister Annalize and her family in the Cape. The last couple of weeks were spent at my parents house, catching up with family and friends.

Liam developed in leaps and bounds. He started pulling himself up against things and communicating more effectively. He loved playing on the beach (read: eating the sand) and wasn't too keen on the sea. He loved his cousins and aunts and was spoilt rotten.

Here are some pictures from our holiday. For more - and I mean hundreds! - click here.

Lunch with Oupa Danie and Ouma Zet

Liam at 10 months

With cousins Suzelle and Luzaan

Loving the beach

The beach at Margate

In my Swim Mobile with Daddy and Oupa Danie

My first introduction to the waves


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