Sunday, May 29, 2011

Planting vegetables

(posted by Elizma)

This afternoon Liam and I planted some vegetables to help him learn about growing things and where some food comes from. We have red tomatoes, baby yellow tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, rocket and mixed salad leaves.

He enjoyed it very much and the compost went absolutely everywhere! For more photos, click here.

Liam April

(posted by Elizma)

Here are some photos of Liam taken in April. Where has our baby gone?!

For more, click here.

Camping on the Isle of Wight

(posted by Elizma)

Last weekend we went camping for 3 nights on the Isle of Wight - or as I now call it the Isle of Wind!

We've been there several times now and only one of these times were wind-free.

Despite this we still had a lovely few days of precious family time.

Liam enjoyed it very much as usual getting stuck in to getting the tent up as well as making the most of not being at home - in other words, staying up late! He did get up very early in the mornings due to the lack of black-out blinds, but luckily we managed to convince him to sleep a little longer.

Our campsite was right on the beach at St Helen's with the loveliest beach cafe (thanks Emma for the recommendation!).

Here are some of the highlights. For more photos, click here.