Friday, November 28, 2008

Another first for Liam

(posted by Elizma)

He broke a saucer in the coffee shop we went to this afternoon. It's been a good run - 6 months without any breakages. I'm sure there will be many more occasions like this. Especially if he's inherited my butter fingers...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Liam's Playstation

(posted by Elizma)

When Leon's parents found out we were expecting, Mom Ria suggested to Dad Bill that they buy the baby a playstation. Dad Bill was flabbergasted - what would a newborn do with a Sony Playstation?

He soon found out that that was NOT the playstation Mom Ria had in mind.

The intended gift was delivered soon after.

Well, 14 months later, Liam used it for the first time today. And he enjoyed it immensely. Thank you Ouma en Oupa!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Swimming Lessons

(posted by Elizma)

Liam had his first swimming lesson on Saturday. He didn't even notice when he was dunked under and the instructor made special notice of his swimming actions. A natural... Unfortunately we're not allowed to take pictures, but we will be able to buy ones later in the course which we will then post.

Sunny, oh sunny South Africa

(posted by Elizma)

Liam and I have just returned from a fantastic 3-week holiday in South Africa. We spent all the time with my parents as well as a week in the bushveld. Leon surprised us by coming out for a week as well - a far way to travel for 7 days, but it was wonderful to have him there.

We were absolutely spoilt rotten. Both Liam and I (and Leon once he arrived).

Some of the highlights were: Ouma (Grandma) Cilie's 80th birthday where we got to see people we haven't seen in years, spending time with all the family, a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, Liam's first hair cut, eating, eating and more eating and a great week in the bushveld.

Thank you very much to everyone who has made this another memorable time. We miss you and love you immensely.

(Apologies for those of you we haven't managed to see - hopefully next time!)

More photos here - but be warned - there are loads ;-)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


(posted by Leon)

Congratulations Lewis!

Britain's Lewis Hamilton has just become the youngest ever Formula 1 World Champion during a nail-biting, emotional rollercoaster of a season finale. He needed to just end in the top 5 today to win the title, and hovered around 5th for nearly the entire race. That is, until the last lap when Vettel (no hard feelings, btw!) passed him. In a feeling of utter despair, I watched the title disappear, only to see Lewis (and Vettel) pass Timo Glock on the pen-ultimate corner of the circuit, thereby pushing Lewis back up to 5th. I have never shouted so much in my entire life!!

As I live in Woking -- home of McLaren -- I decided to quickly pop out to the McLaren offices/factory just to see. There were lots of other people there, cars hooting, and just a general feeling of euphoria. The McLaren sign outside the main gate had already been updated too:

Wow! What a race! What a season! Congratulations Lewis! Bring on F1 '09!!