Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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...South Africa will struggle to organise the 2010 World Cup.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


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As South Africa took on England in rugby today, we were faced with the question: Who will we support?

At first, Leon didn't want to commit to either, but I forced him to choose...

South Africa won hands down.

So six years and British Citizenship has not taken away that national pride. We are probably born with it and it deepens so much over time, I don't think we will ever lose it.

We supported South Africa wholeheartedly all through the game - cheering when they do well and shouting at them when they mess up. None of the passion lost.

But that won't stop us from sending 'Go England!' text messages to our friends and family in South Africa before a big game. Face it - we love their reactions - and boy do they react...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

House News

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House News

It's all moving at a slow, but steady pace. Good news is that the living room's carpet has gone down so we can now start to sort it out. It feels great and is a big milestone for us. One down - three more to go. I'll attach a few photos, but it is quite an akward space to photograph and we prefer to show eveyone in person - so get over here!

We're waiting for quotes from the decorators for the dining room and will hopefully have that done in the next 4 weeks. Yes, these things take time. We have to go on a waiting list as skilled tradesmen are hard to come by. Dad Bill - please come over. You're magic with these things.

We're also waiting for a quote for our woodburning stove and should have it in by Christmas. We're really looking forward to a cosy Christmas with our friends although we wish our families could come as well.

The last photo is of John. He is such a nice guy and was great in sorting out our floor problems.

About Time...

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Yes, it was about time that I had my hair cut. But it was also about time in another sense - everyone thinks it makes me look years younger! I really like it and wish I had done it sooner. I was sad as it took me 4 years to grow my hair and I knew if I cut it now, I will never grow it again. I was also worried that Leon wouldn't like it as he really didn't want me to cut it. Well, Im glad to say - he loves it too...